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Re: Oscar-7 and the ITU

Thanks for the clarification. Now I DO see what I was missing, and the 
difference between the ARS and the ASS. I guess this is one of those 
myriad of things that the kind people who design/build/certify the sats 
worry about, while us users are busy building antennas, climbing roofs, 
and paying the mortgage. I got quite a kick out of opening up my ARRL 
Satellite Handbook, and seeing Jan putting the unit on the shake table. 
My son said "Gee...It's so SMALL!", but then he's used to seeing 
pictures of the Big Birds that Dad plays with.
I think I'll try and work it 'accidentally' before the Powers That Be 
tell us we can't  play with out 'antique'!
Well done, guys. I'll bet you never thought you'd hear from it again.
73, Jim  KQ6EA

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