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Re: AO 7 Really Stupid Question....

On Mon, 24 Jun 2002, Jim Jerzycke wrote:

> Aren't the Satellite Sub-Bands a "Gentleman's Agreement" like the FM vs
> SSB 'agreement'? I don't understand why I couldn't use the AO-7 70cm
> uplink frequency as long as my class of license allows me to transmit there.
> What am I missing here?

Yes, you may transmit there, but according to the current rules, a
satellite may not have an UPLINK there.... or more specifically, you are
not licensed to operate a satellite in the amateur satellite service
there...  As Tom pointed out. The Amateur Satellite Service is not the
same service as Amateur Radio.

But we have a dilemma in that we have an OLD satellite that happens to be
listening there...  Should we:

1) Turn it off?  (command system probably wont work)...
2) Ask for temporary rules change via ITU? (might take years. Maybe NO)
3) Ask the FCC for a ruling (never a good idea.  Answer probably NO)
4) Point fingers at each other (rarely productive)
5) Should we ignore the satellite?
6) Should we try our hand at weak signal operations on 432?
7) Should we listen to the satellite down link?

I favor legal operations under a judicious combination of #5, #6 and #7
and let a sleeping dog lie.

de WB4APR, Bob

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