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FD AO-40: You sounded like a newbie if...

While the mojo around AO-7 permeates the list, I'd like to explore the
references to "all the newbies" on AO-40 this past weekend, I'd personally
like to get some feedback...  I don't have a mentor/elmer who has been
assisting me with this endeavor, so I rely on this list for that feedback.

Please, let's be clear... I am not taking offense to the comments. I made
lots of mistakes, definitely. I'd just like to hear what the experienced
operators heard (how else can we avoid making them again)...  there is no
way to be "experienced" without mistakes... I heard lots too, especially
since I ran 6 and 2m up until the time of the AO-40 window.

I'll even start the list, with some of my known mistakes:

1. swishing the dots... without full computer control, I don't think there
is any way to avoid this. I will say I had the circular freq guide in front
of me, and my swishing went no wider than 5Khz in most cases. _Is_there any
way to avoid this under manual control?

2. Wrong side band. Yep. Did this once. A lot of this had to do
unfamiliarity with the new rig. Kind of thing you do once, and never do

3. Choppy              speech            patterns.
Waiting              to hear                  your own       echo
when        you       are speaking.
I learned that once I was confident that I was on the correct freq, I could
turn down the volume on my down link when I was talking, and speak

4. Leila. I tripped it a couple of times. What determines how long Leila
sounds? I also heard it a few times with no signals in the area? How come?
carrier? swisher?



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