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Re: AO-07

With all this excitement at the unpredicted and unprecedented return of
AO-7, does it strike anyone other than me, that the proposed new LEO bird
ought to go back to mode B and minimize this FM stuff?

I love Mode S on AO-40, don't get me wrong. But putting up a brand new bird
with such an emphasis on FM seems pretty myopic to me.

While people are excited at the novelty of the Lazarus syndrome, I'm betting
it makes many people's hearts flutter seeing a working Mode B bird again. I
would love to monetarily contribute to a new Mode B bird, in virtually ANY
orbit. I'm going to have to be convinced that any new bird without it,  is
worth the bother.

I think an AO-7 style mode B bird would bring amateurs into the AMSAT
community like wildfire. Of all the sats I operated over the years,  AO-7 is
the one I recall most fondly. After AO-7, AO-10 and AO-13 had similar
effects. Guess what they all had in common: Mode B. I'm willing to bet that
I'm not the only one who feels this way. (And even though I had many qso's
on AO-8...I've never been a fan of Mode J...it's largely a pain in the

...hasan, N0AN

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