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Re: AO 7 Technical data

On Mon, 24 Jun 2002 KA2AEV@aol.com wrote:

> ... but why would it be illegal for us (USA) to uplink to AO-7 in the
> 432.125-.175 Mhz portion of the band? Seems like it would be a same
> situation as the RS birds using the 15m band for uplinking.  Many of
> those 15m Ops have no idea that they are indeed uplinking to a
> Satellite!

It is all in the matter of "intent".  If you "intend" to operate via
satellite, then by the rules, you are operating outside of the amateur
satellite service.  But if you "intend" to do some weak signal work on
432,  then your transmissions are legal.  In fact, it is fun to see who
else you  can hear on 432...

Now the fact that we have a satellite that is doing a spectrum survey of a
little used portion of the amateur radio service and is providing an SWL
downlink of what it hears is just coicidence...  It is letting us monitor
that portion of the terrestrial spectrum from above... According to the
rules it should not be used as a satellite QSO.

The AO-7 SWL downlink seems like a nice terrestrial weak signal DX
monitoring tool...

Besides, I would think the weak signal boys would welcome some more 432
MHz weak signal contacts...  So, go up on 432 and work some weak signals
(432 <--> 432)...  And if you want to monitor the activity, you might get
lucky with the AO-7 SWL band monitor if it comes into view...

Just a thought...


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