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de W4MVB,

AO-07 was back in mode B during the 1443 to 1504 UTC pass.  The 145.972
beacon was on and the 435 uplink was open.  It was FM'ing to the point of
being unusable at the beginning of the pass but pretty stable at the end.
 I heard XE2AT right up until LOS and his downlink signal was stable at
that point.  I think the FM'ing was the result of the number of stations
in the pass band.  I did not hear any FM'ing last night when the bird was
in mode A but I only heard a couple of stations at a time in the pass
band.  Today during the first half of the pass it sounded like a DX
pileup on 20 meters.  It would appear that there is just not enough power
to support that level of usage.  Having said that, if after the novelty
wears off, the level of usage drops to the current level of FO-20 and
FO-29 (and the satellite survives) it should be usable.

The bird was back in mode D during the 1638 to 1652 UTC pass - The 435.1
beacon was on but nothing else was heard.  It was very weak but it was
only a 9 degree pass for me and it did not clear my tree line to the

What a great way to get a new bird.  No R&D cost, no launch cost, just
get on the air!  If it winds up to be usable on mode A two or three days
a week I will be a happy camper.  Perhaps the old bird has been listening
to those of us who support more mode A capability.

Oh - by the way - did I have a QSO this morning?  I respectfully decline
to answer on grounds that it might tend to incriminate me!

73's de Jess - W4MVB

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