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Field Day remarks

Boy what a great day of fun. I spent the weekend at the site and got 3 hours 
sleep. Operating the HF and satellite station was a blast. It was again this 
year my job to provide the satellite station and get things setup. I had not 
planned on being the only operator but it worked out that way. The club call 
(K4CQ) was used for all contacts. Hope I worked every one of you but with 
only 53 contacts logged I know I didn't. 

The setup was a FT-736 with RFC amps/preamps for 2/435. The antennas used 
were KLM beams for 2 and 70CM. The AO-40 setup was a Bob Myers dish and 
downconverter. The feedline was 213 for 2meters, 9086 for 70cm, and RG6 for 
the 2.4gig. The rotors were two Aliance 110's bolted together. Sure could 
have used a little help on the lower birds there. 

Thanks to Stacy and the AO-40 team for making that bird available during the 
optimum time. 75% of my contacts were on AO-40 mode U/S.  Thanks guys and 
"for all you do this Buds for you"

Best regards << John 
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