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CW Copy Software

I have tried lots of CW decoders. I op CW in contests and my XYL likes to 
help log. I keep a decoder running so she can follow the action. It is   
also nice to have a decoder for contests, like field day, so guests can 
see the operation. ... 
The best I have seen was an old DOS decoder, name long gone from the 
noodle, that used a decoder chip (2211 or somthing like that) and copied 
very well.  
The new sound card decoders leave a lot to be desired, except lack of 
external hardware. I have almost given up on them when I stumbled on MRP-
40 on the web. I tried it at FD 2002 (N2SE 12A NNJ) and it was a great 
success. Almost 100% copy in heavey contest conditions and local QRM on 
15M!! I had many guests pull up a chair and watch the operation, first 
time people really showed an interest in CW!! It copies both sides so!

Here is the reference site:

Give it a try.
Feel free to e-mail direct if you wish to discuss

Den W2DEN 

Of course I am in no way connected to this program and like everyone else 
will have to pay for a copy when my 30 days runs out!

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