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Re: AO-40 FD

Hi Steve,

It was pretty easy to tell the experienced operators from those who got
on for FD.  I think most of the AO-40 operators were "regulars".  I know
I'm bucking the trend but those tracking radios drive me nuts -
especially in the hands of the inexperienced operators.  I guess one day
I will join the 21st century but I still believe separate
transmit/receive frequency control is best for analog operations.  When
the offset is not set right on the tracking radios you wind up chasing
one another up or down the band but even when it is set right there is
often an unexpected frequency shift when I switch from receive to

New Subject - There is a new station on AO-40 in Hawaii.  I worked Carlo,
KH6IBA on the Big Island at the end of my operations yesterday.  He was
pretty weak on the uplink and downlink but he is working on some antenna
pointing issues and hopes to have a better signal soon.  I think he is
the first station I've worked in Hawaii.

73 de Jess - W4MVB
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