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InstantTune Bug?

I am wondering if I have missed something or if someone else has had this

I installed InstantTune 1.10.  In the process, I overwrote my current
"itune.cfg" file.  No problem, I thought, I'll just reconfigure the file and
it'll work fine.  I set the "comport" value and accepted the FT-847 default
radio.  The radio would not tune.

I tried setting the comport parameter to "1 9600 4 03F8."  This didn't help.
I tried changing the CAT rates many times to 4800, 9600, 57600, and back and
forth (yes, I also changed it on my radio).

After all but giving up, I tried accessing the radio with another program on
another computer.  It worked!  Well, I thought, I must have a bad serial
port on my laptop or the BIOS settings have become corrupt.  The BIOS
settings were fine.  Just before I went to bed last night, I found an old
itune.cfg file on my laptop and tried that - it worked!  Hmm, it's not the
serial port.

This morning, I got up and checked, line for line, between the new itune.cfg
file and the one that was working.  The only difference, besides the
differing satellites, was the placement of the "comport" parameter and the
placement of the "xcvr" parameter.  I had to place both of these below the
"Examples" given in the file.  In itune.cfg v. 1.10, for "comport," this is

    ;comport 4 0 12 0

and for "xcvr," it is under:

    ;rx icom 1 4a

Is this a setup parameter that I missed (that it has to go *under* the
preceding examples)?  It's a possibility since Murphy got me so badly this
past weekend - I didn't work a single bird on a single pass for field day.

Would someone verify this for me?  Perhaps it is a problem with my system.

Tnx es 73,

Joel Black, W4JBB

"Uvajed - The overwhelming
feeling that I've never been
here before."
-- Unknown

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