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Cocodrile efect over AO7 and other problems

Hi Friends:

Like every body I am really happy with AO7 again on the air, but also some
problems appears now, for example the problems about the interference in the
weak signal segment on 432 Mhz, about that its better to study our laws in
each country and mach this one with the band plan actually in use, probably
its better if we auto restric or avoid the use os AO7 for a few days to
study what real posibilities exist or not.

In the technnical area AO7 back and back again the COCODRILE EFECT, today I
listen 2 pass over Europe, in my first pass I work I8CVS just few seconds
before the satellite goes under the horizont, I exchange callsign and report
but not the grid locator, before I listen almost 5 stations calling
desesperate over the transponder and the audio sounds like ringing, I think
its becouse the transponders is running with the energie from the solar
panels and this (I think so) its limited and probably not enought. The other
problem is easy to recognize, to much power in the uplink (probably with the
idea to gain some contacts over the AO7) not all but a lot station are
running excesive power in the uplink and this turn really crazy the

In the second pass i copy the beacon but I cant demodulate the telemetry
becouse the transponder goes down only few seconds after back, hangs more
than 20 times in 16 min. probably to much stations trying to gain the
transponder at the same time and the systems hangs becouse the energie is to

Its important to know exactly what are we doing becouse if the satellite
still operativ or semi-operative probably a lot of station try to use that
in opsition with the actual band plan in use.
I am not and expert about this topics but probaly its important what said
the competents organizations like Amsat.

I decide to restric my operations over the AO7 and only listen and try to
copy the telemtry to see what really happend inside the bird, about the law
and what is permited and what not its better to wait, in the other hands AO7
is not in a good shape, probaly with only 4 or 5 station at the same time
over the transponder its enought to hangs the systems like this morning over

All the best

Alex Artieda


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