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RE: Oscar 7

>I thought I'd share some comments I sent to Jan and the Board about this
>phenomenal news. I point out some potential problems with the authorities
>(FCC, ITU) now that this ghost has come back. This was sent before WB8OTH
>reported he actually got a signal thru the 432.125-432.175 uplink passband.
>73 de Tom, W3IWI
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
>Jan -- I too am blown away. I remember fondly working on AO-7 in Jan King's
>basement, and on developing all of the telemetry equations by laborious
>(after all, 1974 was pretty much pre-computer!) least-squares analysis of
>raw data taken during thermal/vac testing.
>Here are a few thoughts that might be of interest, especially for ambulance
>chasing legal eagles:
>If the Mode-B transponder is in fact ON as indicated by the telemetry that
>Pat Gowen sent, and if the uplink rcvr has survived 28 yrs later, then the
>uplink is on ~432.15 MHz. Of course, the use of this frequency predates the
>WARC '79 allocation of 435-438 MHz by the ITU for the Amateur Satellite
>Service (hereinafter denoted "ASS") and puts the uplink in 70cm Weak Signal
>"turf" outside the allocated spectrum.
>Potential users may not realize that when they are uplinking to a satellite,
>they are no longer operating in the Amateur Service but have a different
>status operating in the ASS are subject to ASS rules. Therefore uplinking to
>AO-7 is possibly illegal since the ASS is not permitted at 432.1 MHz!
>Also, since the IARU bandplan has the 432.1 MHz range earmarked as "weak
>signal" in all three Regions, then it would appear that users trying to
>access the uplink are also immoral!

Anyone remember reading this post from Tom?  I see several reports of
people working AO-07 in mode-B, meaning uplinking in the 432.150-432.175
passband.  I suspect very much operation here will cause a furor with
weak-signal operators if you are not careful (legal issues not
withstanding).  Realize that if you do not monitor your uplink freq. before
transmitting you may find yourself interfering with an ongoing tropo or eme
QSO.  That would be a quick way to earn satellite operations a black-eye!

Also, on the flip side I can see AO-07  inadvertently replaying signals
from a terrestrial or eme station (similar to what happens when RS-12/13 is
using 15m uplink).  The modes that are in the current satellite sub-bands
should be utilized in my opinion...not the 432 freq.  Sorry if that take
away from the excitement of the event...but certainly we (Amsat) should
consider the ramifications and consider an official policy on AO-07 operation.

Now before I cause a flame war by this posting...have not we just been
commiserating the encroachment of 2.4 GHz by part-15 guys?  Just seems to
me if we bend rules to suit us now, how do we have any moral high ground
when voicing these other arguments?

Yes, it is neat that AO-07 is back!  I cut my teeth building part of the
AO-06 West Coast command station.  I'm sure this is raising all sorts of
fond memories for many of us long-term players.


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