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AO-07 pass predictions

Hi folks,

Trying for my first pass to listen for AO-07, and I'm not sure just when
to listen...  I have several different programs, and they all predict very
different times.  We're talking a range of over an hour.  The Keps are very
old, so a little difference in the math used makes a big difference.

For tonight's pass (from CM98kx), times are local:

Predict 2.1.5 (Linux)     1:56am 24-june
MTrack 0.3 Beta (Linux)  12:10am 24-June
PCTrack 2.14 + Y2K (DOS) 11:20pm 23-June
FODTrack 2.4  (DOS)      something else (don't remember, and I'm on Linux 

Tried the J-track NASA site, but AO-07 isn't there.

Which one should I trust?
Greg  KO6TH

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