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Re: Re: Re: AO-40 V-Rx

Hi All

Stacey wrote:
> << This is ABSOLUTELY INCORRECT.  There is no problem whatsoever with
>  receiver sensitivity.  Where does this stuff come from??? >>
Then Roger wrote:
> You answered the question earlier in your posting.....someone with
> knowledge of the AO-40 program NEEDS to post a FAQ on the AMSAT and maybe
> ARRL websites.....

Well, I dont qualify on the "intimate bit" :-) In fact my AO-40 gear is
still incomplete :-(

However, having haranged Stacey in the past on the need for a AO-40 PR
person, I'm prepared to have a go at it if people feel that it'd be useful.

I've attached a preliminary list of headings - feedback would be
appreciated. I hope I'm not trading on anyones' toes here, if they're
already working on this.

Steve, vk5asf


What is AO-40?
Launch and Orbit Information
Isn't AO-40 Dead?
So what happened to AO-40?
What Facilities Does AO-40 Now Offer?
What do I need to receive AO-40?
What do I need to transmit to AO-40?
Isn't 2.4Ghz complex?
Where can I get equipment?
What is LEILA?
What is RUDAK?
How can I decode telemetry on the Beacon?
How do I find my own signal on AO-40?
How do I know when AO-40 is in range?
What's this "Squint" thing?
What's ALON and ALAT?
What is Doppler?
Other Sources of Information

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