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AO-7 TLM results

Several folks have provided TLM. Thanks much to them.  Very helpful in 
figuring out what the state of this bird is.
Following analysis is from Jan:
- The health of the TLM data appears to be binary.  It's either ok, the 
values make sense, or it's all totally bogus.
- The 6D value is critical.  It should be around 50.  If that's bad the 
rest will be garbage because it is the reference voltage for the analog TLM 
- It may be strong uplink signals are causing the input voltage to the 
regulator that provides 6D to bounce all over causing all TLM to be 
bogus.  Those excessive uplinks could be causing the FMing we hear as well.
- Jan notes this satellite had (has?) a very sensitive receiver and a good 
uplink antenna.  5W EIRP should provide a good downlink.  Turn off your 
amps.  Not only don't you need them but that excessive power may be causing 
FMing of the transponder and garbage TLM.

Has anyone heard anything on 10M?  That would be very interesting.
And some TLM from 70cm would also provide more insight into what modes the 
bird is resetting into.

I've attached a spread sheet we are using to quickly look at the 
TLM.  Enter the last two digits of the values in column D.  The calculation 
for 6B is not right, 0 counts should be zero output.  Comments in column G 
are from Jan and relate to this first block of TLM from G3IOR.

As noted in Jan's initial reaction message AO-7 is going to reset every 
orbit because the batteries are shot and there is nothing to carry it 
through eclipse. Each time the sun hits the panels and it comes on it may 
come up in a different mode or state.  No way to predict that.


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