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Re: AO-7 roundtable

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k6ccc@earthlink.net writes:

<<  Some QSB and the FMimg became very
 obvious as more power being sent through the transponder.  Signals were
 very good throughout most of the pass.  There were several other
 conversations (both SSB and CW heard on the transponder as well!  Have
 recording and will get it onto my website later today. >>

Quoting K4TWJ, OSCAR:The Ham Radio Satellites; 1979:

quote "The AGC system of Oscar 7 is slightly more active than that of OSCAR 
6, which means stations running excessively high power (over 200 watts in th 
case of Oscar 7)...reduce the satellites sensitivity for other stations. No 
station should run more than 100 watts ERP. Presently, this situation is 
being aggrivated by stations running extremely high ERP. Additional measures 
..... will be included in Phase III satellites (to) discourage high power 
activities." end quote

Not pointing fingers...just wanted a close enough topic to bring this out!



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