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AO7 today

I listened for AO7 today June 23 at 1400 GMT.

I listened on 29.502, 145.972, and 435.10.

At first I didn't hear anything on any of these frequencies, then about the
middle of the pass I started hearing the same beacon I heard last night on
145.73, but today it was only on 435.10.

As it did yesterday it faded as soon as Nova said it would.

I tried once again to put a signal through it like I did last night, but
this time I did not hear myself.

I was hoping to hear someone else and make a QSO, but no luck.

I still am thinking that this may be a newer satellite since the signals
were so strong last night.

But hearing myself when uplinking on 432.150 just don't add up if it is a
newer satellite which uses 435.

I don't know what is going on, but if we can figure it out it would be nice
to work old AO7 again.

I did my first satellite QSO with K2OVS on AO7 and then went on to work a
few QSO's on AO6 before it died.

I later worked most of my DXCC and WAS contacts on AO7 and the early higher
RS satellites.

So we will just have to wait and see how this all turns out.

But I do agree with some of the other comments I have read on the BBS about
AO7 being a really good satellite to work.

73's  Perry WB8OTH
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