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Re: Oscar 7

At 09:18 PM 6/22/02 +0000, rdwelch@swbell.net wrote:
>Oscar 7 was one of the best if not the very best Mode B satellite we have
>ever had.  Imagine a quiet place in a transponder frequency band where you
>could converse for about 20 minutes with S9+ SSB signals. I finished my WAS
>on that satellite, Hawaii included, and worked over 80 countries with it.
>It was a great satellite to use and made a super demo satellite at club
>meetings, etc.

Hello Roy,
I heartily agree. AO-7 was a reliable 'friend' to our satellite 
mountain-topping expeditions in those days. The high altitude orbit and 
hence long pass times (and slow Doppler) meant that from here in southern 
Australia we could rely on having windows into VK9 and the islands to our 
north and into VK0 - Antarctica to our south. The easterly passes included 
long access into ZL and AO-7 offered continent-wide round-table contacts. 
Oft times New Zealand stations could work into VK6. A great bird which like 
you - I used often at club meetings to good effect. Many memories of fine, 
relaxed 5x9 ssb rag-chew contacts. Who would have guessed that the old bird 
would reappear so many years later?
73, Bill...vk3jt

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