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I put the newer keps in my Nova program that was posted on the Amsat BBs
for AO7.

Then tonight I listened for AO7.

At 2359 gmt on June 22, 2002 I started hearing a beacon at 145.97550 here
in em89 south of Columbus, Ohio.

It started with HI HI then send a bunch of 3 digit numbers, but no
satellite ID.

I then went to 145.953 and input a signal at 432.143 and I heard myself
very loud.

It was so loud that I was sure it was a harmonic in my TS2000x.

But when Nova said the satellite was getting to a lower elevation my
signals started getting weaker.

Then just about the time Nova said AO7 was gone it was!!!!

I then tried again to input on 432.143 and tuned around not hearing a sound
on 145.953 (I tuned the general area of that frequency).

So I don't think it was a harmonic in my TS2000x after all.

But it sure was a strong signal I heard!!!!!!!!

But was it really AO7, or another satellite with a similar orbit????

It will be interesting to find out, ha, ha.

Perry WB8OTH
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