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Re: Oscar 7

>Oscar 7 was one of the best if not the very best Mode B satellite we have
>ever had.  Imagine a quiet place in a transponder frequency band where you
>could converse for about 20 minutes with S9+ SSB signals. I finished my WAS
>on that satellite, Hawaii included, and worked over 80 countries with it.
>It was a great satellite to use and made a super demo satellite at club
>meetings, etc.

Yes, indeed, Roy.....I don't know why we don't use the same scheme on our 
next bird
instead of a ridiculous 2 user FM voice mode....FM is fine for digital, but 
we'll have the
same ridiculous squabble that went on over AO27.

Many, many of us cut out teeth on it...I worked it up in the North woods of 
about 20 miles from the nearest road, with very inexpensive portable 
gear.  The FM HT will
never equal that performance, and that was how many years ago????

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