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RE: L-Uplink on AO-40

Hello Antonio

> So,I need some advice.I was thinking to put the amplifier near of the
> antenna,maybe in an special water isolated box in the tower???.

Yes that, IMHO, is the only way. I struggled with 70W in the shack and 60m
of coax and never made a QSO although I could just hear my downlink.

I use a plastic file storage box, about 70cm x 50cm x 40cm which I bought at
the local hardware store. It should be painted to stop UV making it brittle
but I've not done that yet.

As well as the 23cm 70W amplifier I have a switch mode 40A PSU in the box,
with some assorted bits and pieces like directional couplers and my 70cm
amplifier too.

I placed two large fans at one end of the box, with some fly screen and a
shroud around the fan opening to stop water getting in.

>From the box to the antenna is about 6m of coax.

The schematic showing all the junk at the mast is at

73 Howard G6LVB

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