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Re: Frequency guide for AO-40

>I remember a UK station that had made a frequency chart that consisted of
>a couple of pieces of
>paper that sat on top of each other that helped out with locating your
>uplink/downlink so as to cut
>down on the amount of time needed to start working AO-40.
>I seem to have misplaced that URL and the persons callsign so that I
>could make a new copy..:(
>Hi James,

I've been making these "no ditters" since Oscar 7!!

Take a look at noditter.zip

on     http://home.san.rr.com/doguimont/uploads

and you'll see how they are done...I don't have one up there for AO40, but jsut
scratch out the freqs on two circular pieces of paper, and you'll have one
for AO40...

I use mine for all the satellites today even though the modern radios have that
tuning provision..It is a very handy tip for the frequencies, and beacons if
nothing else...

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