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FD 2002 from Minnesota

I will now insert a shameless plug for OUR Field Day effort, from the
Twin Cities Repeater Club (Twin Cities = Minneapolis/St. Paul, in the
state of Minnesota), which will be operating as:

   W0BU 3A MN

We will be playing by ARRL Field Day rules, not AMSAT Field Day rules,
though if someone attempts to work us on two different satellites for
AMSAT FD credit, we will log the contact as a dupe (for us) even if
you get to count us twice.

Our satellite effort will primarily focus on FO-20 and FO-29, but we
will try our luck with RS-12/13 in spite of not much of an HF antenna
at the VHF/Satellite station and plenty of sub-VHF RF floating about
nearby.  We will also try our luck with AO-10, because it's great fun
when it works but no one ever knows when it will be working, only when
it WON'T be working (when it's not in sunlight).

The chances of us working AO-40 this year are slim.  If we do, it will
probably have to be mode LS with all previously untested gear, pointed
by hand, which I suppose WOULD be in the spirit of Field Day!

Hope to work some of you on the birds this weekend.

73 de KB0ZEV for the W0BU group!
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