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Re: Field Day exchange.

G0MRF@aol.com wrote:

> There seems to be a short but good transatlantic window Sunday morning.
> Could anyone is familiar with field rules tell us non-US stations what a
> typical exchange would be for a normal home station on AO-40.

The exchange is composed of a number/letter combination that describes
the station class, and then a location identifier.

Assuming that you have no more than one HF transmitter on the air at
any time, and therefore no more than one VHF and above transmitter on
the air at any time, your number would be 1.

If you are running from home on normal power, your letter would be D.
If you are running from home on emergency power (non-commercial power,
such as a home generator, etc.) your letter would be E.

Your location identifier will be DX for all non-US stations.  For US
stations, it is the ARRL/RAC Section.

So your full exchange to send would be
  G0MRF 1D DX   or    G0MRF 1E DX    depending on the power source.

73 de KB0ZEV
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