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Field Day Activities

The Silverado Amateur Radio Society will be operating from John F. Kennedy 
Park here in Napa. We will probably be running 5A under the club call W6CO. 
We'll only be able to work the LEO analog sats (UO-14, SO-41, AO-27 if 
operating, RS-12, and maybe RS-13, RS-15, FO-20 and FO-29). Satellite 
operators will include myself and possibly Arnold N6APA, Dave WZ6X, Rich 
KO6FR, and anyone else I can persuade to work a pass. I'll try to make sure 
we're on every pass of the birds we have equipment for, but it'll be tough 
as I will be juggling the duties of sat op with those of being either the 
20m or 40m op, and I might be one of only a few in our club who will operate 
the entire 24 hours. I'll try to work as many of you as I can, no matter how 
delirious I get from lack of sleep!

       Best wishes for a great Field Day!
            73 DE Jay Dotson, KF6RMG
Napa, CA USA       Napa County       Grid CM88

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