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Re: @virginia.edu V-band uplink vs. U-band uplink on AO40

>Peter Guelzow wrote:
>Or one or more elements of the three folded dipoles of the 2m antenna is
>Wayne replies:
>Would a broken folded dipole result in significant fading as the satellite
>I didn't notice any fading.
>Wayne Estes W9AE
>Mundelein, IL, USA

At the very low squint angles we had, I wouldn't expect that we would 
necessarily hear fading with a broken element.
I believe I have encountered fading during commanding on V-band when the 
squint was higher.

Probably the most important comment that I read on the bb was the mention 
that switching the direction of circular polarity on the V-band uplink did 
not affect the signal strength.  Since the squints were low, R-hand 
circular should have been strongly favored.  If an element is damaged, the 
circularity will be markedly affected, and this suggests that may be the case.

More circularity testing would be helpful in the next session.

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