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Re: AO-40 FD Newbies

Well, I see your point but respectfully disagree.
Camping TX may wipe me out; but how many more/others does swishing TX
wipe out?
Of course, doing all of this at the passband edges makes the point moot,
as "presumably" there's little/no activity that far out.
But maybe not this weekend :-)

Gary \"Joe\" Mayfield wrote:
> >
> > 1. Please avoid "swishing" your TX in an effort to "find yourself"
> > (sounds Zen-like).
> > On other birds it is an annoyance but on AO-40 it can be downright
> > maddening.  The additional power density you add when you pass over my
> > QSO often sets off LEILA, so I have to wait until it stops yelling to
> > continue.  (Yes this happens to me a LOT).  Set your TX freq well away
> > from the MB, vary RX to find your own D/L, and based on that pair you
> > should be able to do the final Doppler correction to get where you wanna
> > go.
> > Bring a calculator (I can't do that kind of math in my head well, at
> > least not at 1am!)
> > But serially, hope to work many stations this weekend, new and old!
> This one is quite debatable.  The swish beats the daylights out of
> transmitting on one frequency IMO.  Have you ever had ever had someone camp
> on top of you while obviously sweeping their receive looking for their down
> link?  A few seconds of LEILA is better than being wiped out until they find
> their downlink.
> Your advice about being away from the beacon is spot on!  Most QSOs are
> relatively close to the beacon leaving plenty of room for "finding yourself"
> further up (or down) the band.
> Now that the squints are better does anyone know why the middle beacon is
> still being used?  Why not use the general or engineering beacons?  I
> believe they are not in the passband (that gets rid of one problem), and I
> also believe they are at a strength similar to what our downlinks should be
> giving us a good target.
> 73,
> Joe
> ka0yos@amsat.org
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