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Re: AO-40 FD Newbies

> 1. Please avoid "swishing" your TX in an effort to "find yourself"
> (sounds Zen-like).
> On other birds it is an annoyance but on AO-40 it can be downright
> maddening.  The additional power density you add when you pass over my
> QSO often sets off LEILA, so I have to wait until it stops yelling to
> continue.  (Yes this happens to me a LOT).  Set your TX freq well away
> from the MB, vary RX to find your own D/L, and based on that pair you
> should be able to do the final Doppler correction to get where you wanna
> go.
> Bring a calculator (I can't do that kind of math in my head well, at
> least not at 1am!)
> But serially, hope to work many stations this weekend, new and old!

This one is quite debatable.  The swish beats the daylights out of
transmitting on one frequency IMO.  Have you ever had ever had someone camp
on top of you while obviously sweeping their receive looking for their down
link?  A few seconds of LEILA is better than being wiped out until they find
their downlink.

Your advice about being away from the beacon is spot on!  Most QSOs are
relatively close to the beacon leaving plenty of room for "finding yourself"
further up (or down) the band.

Now that the squints are better does anyone know why the middle beacon is
still being used?  Why not use the general or engineering beacons?  I
believe they are not in the passband (that gets rid of one problem), and I
also believe they are at a strength similar to what our downlinks should be
giving us a good target.


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