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Re: Packets via W3ADO-1

On Thu, 20 Jun 2002 09:31:33 +1200, Sil <zl2cia@AMSAT.Org> wrote:

> Thanks. Martin M0ADY kindly pointed out the same thing. I'll see if I can
> change it to a "/", but it's generated by UIView, and not something I enter
> into the message directly.

> The second, and perhaps significant difference that I see, is that your
> message at Findu doesn't contain the call of the SGATE station.

> Thanks for your useful comments.

> Sil - ZL2CIA

Sil, I think findu.com has been partly out of action lately. This may be
the cause of your apparent distress? When I had a look on
findu.com/whatever/?zl2val it showed me as being heard through PCSAT-1 a
few minutes previously, and on findu.com/whatever/?pcsat as being heard
2 days ago.
Today I was shown as being heard via PCSAT-1 2 days ago and yet on the
other one, I'm not even on the list. I wouldn't worry too much about it
at the moment. Maybe Steve has other things to do, like work?

As fot the "/" or "\", this allows differing icons for the same ASCII
characters. It shouldn't affect anything shown on findu.com!

       Alan. (ZL2VAL)

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