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Re: AO-40 FD Newbies

Good points! The antennas/rotor have been tested with my FODTrack 
interface, and The Station program, and appear to work fine. These will 
be used for FO-20/29, and AO-10, if it's awake. The AO-40 antennas are 
an 11el M2, and a 1M dish with helix feed/1dB NF TransSystem 3731. I've 
heard some QSO's, and the beacon, from inside my apartment with the 
receive setup, but haven't tried to access the bird yet.  I've got 
stacks of AMSAT hand-outs for the curious, and plan on answering as many 
questions as I do CQ's. If anything, I'm going to "Show The Flag" in our 
area, have a lot of fun, and learn a lot!
73, Jim

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