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Re: AO-40 on Field Day

Stacey wrote:

To those who are newbies to AO-40, this will be real trial by fire for 
you.  The passband will resemble "normal" about as much as Times Square in 
New York is normal at 11:59 PM on December 31st.

Wayne replies

I'm really looking forward to hearing the AO40 passband FULL of signals like AO13 used to be occasionally.

The resulting AGC may make my portable uplink kind of marginal, but I suspect I can still make a lot of contacts with 50W (minus a dB of cable loss) to a 7x7 UHF antenna.  But I'll probably be the last station heard in a pileup.

See y'all on Field Day.  On Friday I will fly down to Dallas/Fort Worth with my foam-wrapped FT-847 in a suitcase and my portable satellite antenna kit in a custom 25x25x7 inch plywood box.  Operating with Dinosaur Valley DX Society K5XB, 1A North Texas.  The antennas will be "Armstrong" pointed on a camera tripod.  The small antenna array consists of a G3RUH 60cm dish, patch, TSI converter for 2401 MHz, a 7x7 Arrow yagi for 435 MHz, and a 3-element Arrow yagi for 2m.  That should get me on AO40, FO20, FO29 and (if I'm lucky again!) ISS.  By the time Field Day ends there should be a well-worn path from the operating position to the antennas.  I have a 40-foot headphone extension cord, so I will adjust the antennas "by ear".

Good luck to all the AMSAT FD stations.

73 de Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA
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