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Re: AO-40 V Band observations 6/19/02

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the QSO on AO-40 this morning.  I first heard you when you
were testing on the V-Band uplink.  Signals were weak but they were
strong enough for a QSO.  I also heard Wayne and Dave.  I believe I was
coping just about the same as you and Wayne were.  The test gave me an
opportunity to evaluate my S-Band receive system.  I'm running a quad
helix (4X30 turns) with a DEM preamp at the splitter into a TSI 3733 down
converter. I had guessed that my antenna was performing about as well as
the 60 cm dish antennas and I think the results this morning confirmed
that.  This is somewhat better than I originally expected.  I think Dave
was receiving just about the same as we were also.  I seem to remember
that he is running a small Prime Star dish with a helix feed.

Dave was really getting good mileage out of his 100 watts on 145 mhz.  I
also thought he was just a little stronger than you were.  I could not
detect any fading on the downlink and my signal did not seem to change in
strength when I switched polarity.  I called CQ for several minutes with
no response but my signal was so weak it would have been easy to miss.

Thanks again and 73.

de Jess - W4MVB
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