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AO-40 FD Newbies

It looks like my AO-40 station will come together for FD weekend, but I
won't be able to get any practice in before then. Looks like the busiest
weekend on the bird might be my virgin run.

I have a feeling there may be others like myself prep'ing for this weekend
who won't have a lot of experience on AO-40.

Assuming we have addressed our equipment issues, what are the top ten
operating errors we should avoid or watch out for this weekend considering
the load on the bird, from those of you who are frequent users?


1. Stay away from the middle beacon
2. Be aware of Leila
3. Fix transmitter, move receiver for Doppler

Look for W1PA, 2A WMA, FN42 (Oxford, MA)... looks like the window will be
about midnight local Saturday until 6am Sunday here on the east coast.
FT847, Primestar Dish, helix feed to DEM pre-amp and down converter, two
elliptically phased 11-element beams for the uplink.
Please be kind.  :-)

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