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AO-40 V Band observations 6/19/02


I was on AO-40 during the V Band window this morning (MA 120-128) operating 
both V and L uplinks. First, I did a quick check on my system for downlink 
desense before MA 120 and heard no change in beacon level when running 150 
watts into 22 el on 145.9 MHz about 6 feet from my S dish.

I worked 3 stations. First was W4MVB. Jess was running 50 watts into 22 el. 
His SSB V signal was copyable just above the noise floor of my system. He was 
very consistent, so the QSO was easy.

Next was W9AE. Wayne had 50 watts into 14 el. He was weak in SSB, but 
copyable with a few repeats. We switched to CW and there was no problem.

Finally, was WB6LLO. Dave was running 100 watts into 22 el. He had the best 
signal of the three. He had a slightly stronger signal than I had with 150 
watts. I think part of it was his excellent audio. Nice and crisp, so he cut 
through quite well.

To sum up my observations from this morning, V Band requires quite a bit of 
"horsepower". It's definitely a "weak signal". A good receive system makes a 
big difference. S Band system here is 60 cm dish, G3RUH patch, DB6NT preamp 
at the feed and Drake downconverter.

Before the V uplink was terminated, I did a sweep through the transponder 
passband. I didn't detect any QRM. This may be due to the fact that such a 
strong signal is required on the uplink. I definitely need to do more tests.

Mike, N1JEZ
AMSAT #29649
Local Area Coordinator
"A closed mouth gathers no feet."
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