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Sgates and PC sat - something wrong perhaps?


A day or so ago, I posted I note about the difficultly I've had getting my 
successful packets through NO-44 to appear on the "Stations Heard via 
PCSAT" website, namely http://www.findu.com/cgi-bin/pcsat.cgi.

Roger, WA1KAT, very kindly replied with a most useful explanation.

That greatly improved my understanding, but did not, unfortunately, resolve 
the problem.

This is what happens.

I send the following packet to NO-44...

16:21:31T ZL2CIA>APU16N,W3ADO-1,SGATE Port=1 <UI C Len=60>:
=4116.65S\17445.50E-Wishing strength to those Frozen South.

NO-44 copies that  packet, and responds with...

16:21:34R ZL2CIA>APU16N,PCSAT-1*,SGATE Port=1 <UI C Len=60>:
=4116.65S\17445.50E-Wishing strength to those Frozen South.

Somewhere, an SGATE copies that and forwards it to FINDU. However, at FINDU 
the packet now looks like this...

strength to those Frozen South.

The asterisk (*) is now on ZL3GR, and not PCSAT-1. Neither ZL3GR, nor 
ZL1AMW could have copied my transmission directly.

Now (here, I'm guessing) FINDU sees this and assumes that my transmission 
was copied directly by a ground station, and not via NO-44.

Is this why my packets DO appear on 
http://www.findu.com/cgi-bin/find.cgi?zl2cia, but NOT on 

Or have I got the wrong end of the stick?.

In any case, it seems clear that my packets, and those from other stations, 
ARE indeed being digipeated by NO-44, ARE being copied by Sgates, ARE being 
forwarded to FINDU, but ARE NOT being displayed as "Stations Copied by PCSAT".

By-the-way, the text of the message refers to those suffering a severe 
snowstorm in the South Island.

What's wrong?

Sil - ZL2CIA.

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