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Kansas City Tracker Problem...

Good day all! I've just recently upgraded my computer system and I am now 
having difficulty with the automated tracking. The old PC was a home-built 
100mhz pentium with 48meg of ram,and everything ran fine, albeit sloooowwwww. 
The new PC is a 333mhz Emachine (problem there?) with the same amount of ram. 
When I turn the rotor on (Yaesu G5400b), sometimes I get severe 60hz hum out 
of the relays that control both az and el. I can still control the rotator, 
but it will pass it's desired heading by about 15 - 30 degrees, and then come 
back and MAYBE stop where it's supposed to be, even if I do this via the 
front switches! If I disconnect the control cable, everything is perfect! 
Then on other days, I can control the rotator without a glitch for a few 
hours, and then the problem comes back, starting with a low hum and building 
up until I can't take it any more. I wouldn't think it's inthe controller 
itself - could the KCT be going bad? Could there be a conflict with other 
devices in the PC and the card itself? I also could never have the PC off and 
leave the rotator on without the antennas moving on their own. Hope someone 
can help! Thanks & 73's...   Larry 
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