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Re: ARRL and Part 15 Devices

The one point that the FCC refuses to recognize is that this whole situation
is a direct result of their failed spectrum policy. Frequency spectrum
autions are NOT the answer to the whole problem. There needs to be a place
for the types of devices that are currently proliferating under Part 15
rules. The FCC did not do anyone a favor by making the 5GHz. UNI band a low
power, unlicensed service. It seems to me that the current formula of
licensed=aution, except for ham radio, is too simple. The RF spectrum
belongs to the people and should not be used as a cash cow for the federal
govenment under the guise of "equitable distribution". There needs to be
spectrum set aside specifically for new technology to be developed, and
maybe that IS the some of the purposes of Part 15. However, once the
technology is proven and accepted, as wireless LAN, cordless phones, etc
are; then it's time to transition them to spectrum designated for the
purpose. This decision would be easier if the FCC wasn't required to conduct
an auction in order to do it. The public want's cost effective devices like
the ones currently used under Part 15, you can't have that if you need to
recoup billions of dollars in auction costs. So what does any of this have
to do with satellites? At the moment, in the wake of a national disaster,
the federal government recognizes the benefit of amateur radio. BUT,
politicians have short memories. How long will it be before the ARRL and
other would be organizations are asked to participate in an auction for the
right to continue the amateur radio service? It COULD happen! I appologize
for the bandwidth and I think this thread really needs to move to another
forum. Any suggestions?

Howie AB2S

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