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Re: Re: Re: Notation of Time...

The  system we use in the United States , has been based on the Metric 
system as of the year 1866. In the year 1866 the United States, by act 
of Congress, passed a law making legal the meter, the only measure of 
length that has been legalized by the United States Government.
Bruce Bostwick wrote:

> I have to agree with this.  Metric is happening, slowly but surely.  
> It flopped in the short term when the idea was first introduced, but 
> more and more things are going metric on an individual basis and 
> eventually it will become the dominant system of measurement here.  
> Just not overnight, and probably not with a big fanfare.
> Now, for the obligatory mention of the original topic .. I prefer 24 
> hour time myself because there is much less ambiguity, but I know it's 
> not that popular in the US outside the military.  I also think 
> sometimes that even 24 hour time has some quirks that could be gotten 
> around by rethinking the system based on a single unit, whether it's 
> in seconds, days, or years from a given epoch date -- I lean towards 
> days myself -- but such a system would be impractical to switch to 
> other than on a very gradual basis, so I settle for 24 hour time and 
> call it a day .. ;-)
> On Monday, June 17, 2002, at 05:30 PM, WL7M wrote:
>> Having lived in Europe and having served 26 years in the USAF in the 
>> program
>> management career field (read "putting together very complex 
>> systems"), I'd
>> change in a heartbeat.  There is definite economic benefit to going 
>> metric.
>> Check how many parts and pieces in your new "US Made" car are 
>> metric.....it
>> s happening, but you just don't notice it.  Cheers, Joe WL7M
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