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Re: New elevation rotor possability!

>From: "Ray McKnight - WB3ABN" <shortsheep@worldnet.att.net>
>While snooping around I found a new HD rotor system from PRO.SIS.TEL,
>and it happens that they also produce a really neat elevation rotor.  It
>looks like an adaptation on the standard worm gear TVRO dish positioner.
>Judging from the pictures, a few handy Hams might be able to adapt spare
>TVRO motors/worm gears to this design for some really nice EL rotor!  Of
>course, you could just buy the ready made version which is quite costly,
>if $ is no object! Hope this inspires innovation, it sure gave me a few
>ideas!  Here's a link:
>Ray - WB3ABN
>Kingston, WA


Actually this is not a new idea as it is a fairly common method for
elevation control used by moon-bounce stations.  My four 21-foot long
x-yagis for 2m-eme are elevated by a TV-actuator arm and a custom-made
elevation axle...not cheap it was custom welded 2-inch sched-80 square
tubing for $495 using pillow-block bearings and a 1.5-inch solid steel bar
(weighs 60#).  The actuator cost only $99 brand new!  You can find them
used for a quarter of that (or even free in some "small-dish" owners yard).
 My first satellite az-el system used an old actuator, a piece of 3/4-inch
plywood, and a heavy-duty hinge for the elevation system (costing a just
few bucks for the hinge...really copied from the Sat. Exp. Handbook).

But what is nice about Prosistel is the control box and indicator...most
satellite controllers show only a relative motion of the arm in linear
readout...not easy to convert to degrees of rotation.  Their azimuth
rotators are very impressive!  Nice to know about this new elevation
system, thanks!


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