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Notation of DATE

Udo, DL7OL asked about "Notation of time" (in the USA).
I'll not enter that debate.

What follows is a query, and a suggestion, about the 'notation of date'.

For my benefit, can anyone clarify the ORIGIN of the 'notation of date' used
in the USA that is:
e.g. September 10, 2001

On this list, maybe 12-18 months ago, someone (??... bless them!) suggested
that the 'new' international date-time format (probably used in scientific
circles for decades!) should be adopted on the list and for computer systems
in our future satellites.

I immediately saw the usefulness of it and now use it (where appropriate) as
a convention for naming files and folders on my home and (more) work
computer systems where I am responsible for harvesting monthly/daily data.

In this format...
YYYY MM DD hhhh mm ss
there is *no* ambiguity about:
-- what digits mean what;
-- when used as names, what files/folders come in what order, because they
are ALWAYS arranged in time order;
-- whether 2/5/02 is the second day of May or the fifth day of February.

Hence, for example, folders for monthly data are named:
2002 05
2002 06
2002 07

Files are 'stamped' by time of origin:
2002 June 17, 1946h 23s

I guess the leading two digits of the date COULD be omitted, but using them
is the ultimate in clarity, isn't it?

In my Navy days at sea, the notation for time zone was: Letter (hours)
Example: K(-10) meaning zone Lima (subtract 10 to get Z or GMT or UTC)
K is our normal/current time in eastern Australia.
And, no, this is NOT the way Bill Gates / Microsoft notate the zones in
operating systems!
(Can anyone explain why they went the other way from the conventional

But, when the letter was/is left off, it was/is assumed that the time zone
is Z = UTC, and NOT 'local'.

Hence, 20020617194623 reads 2002 June 17 1946 23 UTC.

It makes sense to me.

Best wishes,

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