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Re: ARRL and Part 15 Devices

I can't help but think that that ARRL's position, however well
intentioned and "reasonable" is going to backfire.  Part 15
unlicensed spectrum applications, like wireless LANs, have been
an incredible success story for industry and the FCC.  It's
made a lot of manufacturers a lot of money, and got some very
cool hardware into the hands of end-users for very resonable,
even commodity prices.

And then you have "those" fringe Amateur Radio people, whining away.
This is only going to cause more people to wonder why "they" have
all that spectrum in the first place, and what they're doing with
it, and why it's all going to waste.  

A big part of this is perception, and I fear that the public
and industry are not going to be very sympathetic the cause
of Amateur Radio.


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