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RE: Re: Re: Notation of Time...

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> It's interesting to watch this group, and everyone, even the 
> US hams always speak in metric terms when it comes to satellite 
> orbital parameters (worked xxx while AO-40 was at 40,000km, etc).
> Seems it's already creeping in over there...

And as someone mentioned earlier, military personnell.  I was
a student of the metric system in the early 70s, before it
was so widely known to us.  I did two full tours of Germany, and
a few shorter tours in parts of Asia (East ans West), and
really became familiar with it as a navigation tool, as well as
a part of the local economy.

The part I hate most... converting degrees F to degrees C,
or the other way.  Just never did get comfortable with that.

Mike.  KD9KC
El Paso, TX.
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