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RE: Re: Re: Notation of Time...

> Having lived in Europe and having served 26 years in the USAF 
> in the program
> management career field (read "putting together very complex 
> systems"), I'd
> change in a heartbeat.  There is definite economic benefit to 
> going metric. 
> Check how many parts and pieces in your new "US Made" car are 
> metric.....it
> s happening, but you just don't notice it.  Cheers, Joe WL7M

One only needs to mention "Mars Polar Lander"... ;-)

It's interesting to watch this group, and everyone, even the US hams always
speak in metric terms when it comes to satellite orbital parameters (worked
xxx while AO-40 was at 40,000km, etc).

Seems it's already creeping in over there...

I can go the other way, because I grew up in a transitional period late in
the process of our conversion to metric in VK, as well as Dad being in the
building industry and having worked in Imperial units most of his life.  I'm
left with a reasonably sound knowledge of both systems (with one exception -
the "gallon", because a US "gallon" is different to the old "gallon" we


Converting is hard, but in 10 years, most people will wonder what all the
fuss was about.  We still have some odd hangovers, such as milk coming in
600ml (roughly a pint) cartons, and lots of tinned food with 450g (rougly a
pound) of contents, around 30 years later.

I can't remember the date, I was very young, but I have vague memories of
learning about feet and inches very early in life, before metric came along.

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