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"Electronic" QSL's

I know the subject has been recently touched on but an Email I received just 
recently poses an interesting question....

I received an Email from a fellow user on PCSAT to which was attached a 
QSL, all filled out, in .jpg format.  Upon printing the card I now have a 
"regular" QSL card from him.  Is this card "not allowed" for credit?

Or is it just the various internet QSL "confirmation services" which are not 

Now, as a note, I'm not working toward any award but maybe in "10 years" I 
might consider one.

I guess the bottom line is that this "looks, smells and feels" like a QSL 
card...and is similar to many of the mailed cards I have received only in 
better condition.

Are we supporting the postal systems of the world?  This is VERY close to the 
ARRL's QSL card system and is the "mail" of the future......

Maybe I'm all wet...but it is raining here and I just had to take the dog's 

I would be interested in knowing if my recent received QSL is "OK"

Many Thanks in Advance!

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