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Hi all, well I want to experiment with receiving AO-40 from my apt. balcony
that faces to the south, so I have a Primestar dish, one of James Millers
patchfeed antennas. and a AIDC-3731 downconverter with a 2 meter out. What I
am looking for is another downconverter from 2 meters to 10 meters or lower
so I can use my communications receiver to test how well I can receive from
here on the fourth floor before I invest in a transceiver. I believe that I
had seen some listed somewhere a few yrs. back, but can't seem to find any
in QST or on E-bay.  I may just try making one, so if anyone has a design
for one or knows where I might find one, please let me know.

Chris N2YQP

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