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RE: UK licence restrictions


> holders of the
> Foundation licence and the Intermediate licence are NOT allowed access to
> the amateur satellite service. This means that M3 or 2E1 callsigns (and
> derivatives) are apparently not allowed on the satellites.

That's quite bad news IMHO.

I would have hoped things should be starting to work in the other direction
these days: ie, if you have succesfully completed x satellite QSO's, that
should be a significant part of a justification to be upgraded to a higher

Whatever anyone says, satellite operation is not 'easy'. I had a request
from a foundation license operator only this week for a downconverter, and,
after giving him the details, spent 90% of my reply to him bolstering his
confidence. Working AO-40 on SSB with 10W [the maximum for a foundation
class licensee] is NOT for the faint hearted and will need quite a bit of
metal bent in the right way in your back yard.

73 Howard G6LVB

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