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UK licence restrictions

This will be primarily of interest to UK operators.

I have bad news for UK operators with Foundation and Intermediate licensees

am informed by the RA (radiocommunications agency)  that holders of the
Foundation licence and the Intermediate licence are NOT allowed access to
the amateur satellite service. This means that M3 or 2E1 callsigns (and
derivatives) are apparently not allowed on the satellites.

I was very surprised at this but was very firmly told that the amateur
satellite service is separately defined from the amateur service in the
international radio regulations and these two categories of licence do not
give access to the amateur satellite service.

The RA acknowledge that they inadvertently gave out the wrong schedule to
many licensees and there is therefore an informal period of grace up to one
year (ie when the licence is renewed then people will know). If you go to
their website (www.radio.gov.uk) then in the amateur section you can see
that the BR68/F document has had all reference to the satellite service

The argument put forcibly to me was that the new incentive system implied
that there had to be something to work towards and so the amateur satellite
service was reserved for the Full licensees (currently both class A and
Class B).

This will doubtless excite debate in the UK and if you wish to enter the
debate I suggest the way forward is to lobby the RSGB who will doubtless
re-enter into negotiations with the RA.

Before anyone gets the idea that I am wrong please let me convince you that
I am not, but as a satellite operator myself I would be delighted to be
wrong! I have had lengthy conversations with the RA about this.

Andy, G0SFJ
Chairman, National Space Centre ARS, GB2NSC

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