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Re: IT prob

At 09:57 AM 6/14/2002 -0500, Howard wrote:
>Any ideas why NO-44 (pacsat) wont register on InstantTrack Sat.list like the
>other birds do?  Tried several  kep dwnlds. Shows on nova.  Tnx af0ss

It works fine for me.

Are you getting an error message when you load the keps?

Note that InstantTrack matches up Keplerian element sets to satellite 
database entries according to their OBJECT NUMBERs. PCsat (not Pacsat, 
that's a different satellite) NO-44 is object number 26931. If you have a 
database entry with that object number, InstantTrack will update it when it 
sees elements for PCsat, regardless of what name you have given to that 
database entry. If you have no database entry with that object number, 
InstantTrack will create one at the end of the list, or complain about 
insufficient space in the database if there is no room for a new entry. If 
you have multiple database entries with the same object number, 
InstantTrack will update only the first one.

Updating by object number works great except in the case of new satellites 
right after launch. There is often a period of a few days during which the 
satellites launched on a given rocket are mixed up, with object numbers 
assigned to the wrong names. If you load these early Keps into 
InstantTrack, you can end up with database entries that will confuse you later.

73  -Paul

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