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HB0 DXpedition

Hi Folks

It is my pleasure to announce that the HB0 DXpedition for AO-40 will 
take place on 13 and 14 of July. We will operate 50kHz below the beacon 
so as to stay out of the way of normal QSOs. Our uplink will be on 
U-band as opposed to L-band due to power constraints, and if signals 
get too weak then we may change mode to CW, we will see.

My partner in this enterprise is Achim DH2VA and we will probably have 
a lot of equipment redundancy between us. Because Leichtenstein is 
relatively close to our homes in and around Zurich, we will be 
returning on Saturday night, so any equipment failures can hopefully be 
made up.

The callsign used may be any permutation of HB0/HB9DRD, HB0/DH2VA or 
even HB0/G4KLX.

See you on AO-40.

Jonathan  HB9DRD/G4KLX

PS anybody who normally works me on AO-40 and wonders where I have been 
for a while I can tell you. The dish I use for my downlink is also used 
on 6/3cms for my narrow-band microwave system. Since this is the rain 
scarrer seaon on those bands in Europe, my dish is busy elsewhere. I am 
building a new system for 6/3cms with a larger dish (90cms) and once 
that is ready then my 60cms dish can go back to full-time service on 
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