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OSCAR-E question


I just downloaded the OSCAR-E powerpoint presentations at AMSAT-BB.
It looks all very interresting (only to much digital for me) but I was 
wondering how it ever can be recieved on earth.

I could not find the HF output power of the satellite (maybe I overlooked 
it) but I guess it will be abt 10W PEP. I think it will be very hard to hear 
the satellite in an GTO orbit, at apogeum with these omni-antennas.

We all know the good old Ao10 with 50W PEP and high gain antenna.
SSB works good, but you ver tried FM ? How you think to do that with 
OSCAR-E, with lower power and lower-gain antennas, and more wide-band 
digital modulations ?

I was also wondering if it will not have overheating problems. In an GTO it 
can be long times into sunlight. I don't know if this can give problems. And 
what about more radiation problems ?

73 de PE1RAH, William

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